Centralized Load Control

Centralized Load Control

PAH prides itself in being able to provide a consistent and safe approach to every aspect of its client’s airport operation.

One key example of this approach and a key driver for operational cost savings is Centralized Load Control (CLC).

With over 28-years of international airline hands-on experience, from the testing, certification and implementation of a CLC hub in South Africa in 1992, to our CLC operation at JFK today, PAH can provide customers with a world class solution for their load control and airport dispatch needs.

Some of the key benefits that PAH CLC delivers include:

      • Utilization of customer’s preferred Departure Control System (DCS)
      • Dedicated load controllers and dispatchers for each customer
      • Minimum of two load controllers on-duty always. A high-level of redundancy is built in
      • Tailored CLC protocols based on individualized needs of airline customers. No ‘one size fits all’ approach
      • All CLC load controllers licensed /certified to issue both system-generated and manual loadsheets and supporting documentation, e.g. LIRF and dangerous goods declarations
      • Automated flight departure monitoring
      • Ability to issue remote final loadsheets (via ACARS), thus removing the need to deliver manual final loadsheets to the aircraft, safeguarding departure punctuality
      • Reduced customer manpower costs due to removal of the need for in-house training, certification and audit requirements