Pacific Atlantic Handling was created by Neil Lott drawing on his quarter century of extensive airport operational experience. Pacific Atlantic Handling have their headquarters at JFK International Airport. Our vision for Pacific Atlantic Handling is to deliver innovative airport handling through bespoke services to airline customers and airport operators, who are looking for a trailblazing performance in airport handling in this ever changing industry. Our customer can select from our extensive menu of products and services. We guarantee you will only pay for those services you require.

This is achieved by innovative leading edge technology unlocking benefits to make a real difference to both your customer satisfaction ratings and your bottom line. We would like Pacific Atlantic Handling to be your preferred choice for passenger handling. We will be a partner to deliver:

✈️ Unrivaled Passenger Experience

✈️ Increased Ancillary Selling

✈️ Reduced Costs

✈️ No Fixed Term Contract

Pacific Atlantic Handling partners with our airlines rather than being a traditional airport service provider. We aim to build on good relationship management displaying honesty, whilst all the time supporting growth of the business interests of both parties.

We are proud of our unique culture at Pacific Atlantic Handling and we believe this to be a major factor that differentiates us from other companies. We work to build trust and integrity within our workplace through effective leadership with a top focus on our people. We value the safe environment in which all employees are able to speak openly in any situation. Safety is at the core of our business and is embedded in our day to day work. It is a focus of everything we do in the every changing environment we find ourselves.

Pacific Atlantic Handling works closely with leading technology providers as a way ahead to improving and enhancing the overall airport experience. We have embraced new ways to increase opportunities for boosting ancillary revenue sales using mobile technology which also reduce operational costs. Additional customer touch points are encouraging more self-service activities.

These innovations give benefit to both Pacific Atlantic Handling and our partner airlines to maximize quality and customer satisfaction. Since our early years we have become an establish business at JFK International Airport delivering a bespoke passenger handling service for multiple airlines which include Norwegian Air, Turkish Airlines and Eastern Airlines. From our beginnings in March 2018 Pacific Atlantic Handling have developed a customer base of 11 airlines.