PAH Cares

PAH Cares

At PAH we pride ourselves with providing our team members and our local communities with extra care and attention, which we like to call PAH Cares.

Our Mission is to foster a sense of community by building trust, raising awareness and encouraging responsible social change.  As we further develop and grow our business, we are always striving to ensure that we make decisions that are in the best interests of our Customers, Service Partners, Team and the Communities we serve.

Our Vision is to create more than just a “program”, but to create an environment that strongly encourages innovation, inclusiveness, awareness and community as our way of doing business.

Our Core Values are:

Community – having a positive impact on the Communities we serve. Having a conduit to connect and strengthen relationships with local communities we operate in is a key priority.
Awareness – providing multiple internal and social media platforms to create awareness of our initiatives to our Team, Customers, Service Partner and to our local communities.
Responsibility – reducing our carbon footprint by purchasing and increasing the utilization of environmentally friendly products and equipment.
Engagement – encouraging our team to get involved with opportunities to create Corporate policies that benefit the environment and Communities we serve.
Service – encouraging our team to be involved and responsible by providing opportunities for them to ‘give back’ for those in our communities who are most at need.

We are also very proud to have partnered with the GearUp NYC mentoring program and the Bronx Institute at Lehman College, in partnership with Seeds Training.

At PAH our core skills are focused on working with and for people. We solve problems, we support people work through challenges and we turn adversity into opportunity and progress. Through this amazing program, we have had the opportunity to work with and support some cool young New Yorkers!

What does the program entail?

Each PAH team member receives training on how to mentor effectively and are then partnered with a GearUp staff member. Cohorts of 8-10 students are then matched with 2-3 adult mentors.  Seeds Training then deliver the curriculum and PAH team members help facilitate small group discussions and provide coaching through key activities.  This activity is conducted virtually and requires a 2-hour commitment per week over a 3-week period.

Our Team comes First

Since its inception, PAH’s CEO Neil Lott has demonstrated his passion with ensuring that his team feel valued, safe, well trained and well looked after, as he truly believes that an organization’s core focus should be its people coupled with innovation that makes you ‘stand out in the crowd’.

As a result, PAH provides team members with several health and support programs with a focus on mental health and including a COVID-19 monitoring and support program.

PAH communicates what programs and services are available to its team through a dedicated internal platform, that can be accessed both through dedicated desktop computers in PAH offices and via team members’ personal mobile devices.

PAH is committed to keeping its team members engaged and/or facilitating their return to work after a leave of absence is needed.  The availability of work accommodations is dependent on the team member’s role and responsibilities.