At PAH we pride ourselves in consistently going ‘above and beyond’ for our customers and delivering the PAH goal of being the industry’s leading ground handling provider.

Please find below several testimonials from our customers and members of our team, that demonstrate our commitment to delivering consistently great service!

Susie B – “PAH has stood by its core values and vision during these unprecedented times. We walk hand in hand. I could not be more grateful and honored to work for PAH. I’m looking forward to the success and growth for the future because we are committed to being different from the rest.”

Volkan V – “Coming from ground handling background and now working with PAH felt like a breeze. Their values and vision are about caring, improving and being better all the time. Considering the situation we are currently in, PAH cares about their employees and customers to provide better service for all. Being a family like environment and sharing the same values with the people behind it plays a huge part in the future of a fast growing company with steady and well-built roots. ”

Steve Rowland – Executive Director Operations, JFK Terminal One Management Inc – As a direct vendor of JFK Terminal One, responsible for operating the terminal’s distinctive common use baggage service office and lost and found services, PAH has proven to be a cost effective and reliable partner, who can still demonstrate professionalism and a consistently high level of customer service. PAH’s solutions not only benefit us as a terminal operator, but also improve the passenger experience, especially the self-service kiosks which are welcomed by travelers, when the requirement for social-distancing is paramount.